Programmer Building

Needs Analysis

Value Proposition

When a business process needs improvement or a new project is being considered, an analysis of the existing process is required to understand how it currently works and to make problem areas become more visible. Only then can a determination be made whether existing resources can be utilized to make an improvement or there is a need for developing/purchasing a solution.

Programming Line

The Problems

  • A proposed solution may be costly and high risk
  • There may be existing, overlooked tools that could improve the process
  • All of the requirements may not be needed to fulfill the organization’s Critical Success Factors
  • Executives are demanding evidence of clear values before funding IT initiatives
  • Stakeholders need an unbiased assessment of the feasibility of a proposed project

The Solution

  • FGL investigates the existing process to understand how it works and identifies problem areas
  • Solutions, growth improvements and cost reduction opportunities are determined
  • An improved process is determined and risks are identified
  • FGL will document the results of the assessment in a written report or Request for Proposal
  • Assist with a vendor selection

Key Benefits

  • FGL verifies the real business issues
  • Gaps, overlaps and waste are uncovered
  • Costs are reduced by eliminating overbuying and uncovering a less costly, alternative solution
  • Client response and user satisfaction is improved