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"Peter Fruehman completed a process flow analysis of the Indiana Department of Transportation procurement system. He documented and described the inputs and outputs of the procurement process as a part of an effort by the Department to evaluate the implementation of a potential system. His work was done professionally and timely. From knowing nothing about our system, he was able to produce a solid document as described above within two weeks. His interviewing skills and his ability to absorb and organize this information was impressive. INDOT would not hesitate to hire him again."

—Jim Nugent, Chief of Systems Technology, Indiana Department of Transportation

Programming Line

“Our relationship with Peter Fruehman and Ranac Corporation spans many years and resulted in numerous successfully completed projects. Of those, two of the more noteworthy ones are the reengineering of our customer fulfillment and accounting departments, and the installation of measurements in our catalog marketing section.

“Due to our unique deposit requirement with a customer order and our goal to ship products in 24 hours, our fulfillment department required several, labor intensive steps to process that order. With the assistance of Fruehman and his associates, we reengineered the process resulting in the elimination of our entire order entry department and transferred that function to our existing sales staff. Another savings of this process improvement effort was in the accounting area; the redesign of the deposit procedure allowed us to reduce our staff from 10 to 3. With such a dramatic reduction in costs, our investment in the reengineering project was easily justified in a short period of time. What is even more impressive is that the new process was so efficient that it allowed us to maintain the reduced staff level while our business volume nearly doubled.

“The second example of a process improvement initiative was in our catalog marketing area. At the time, 25% of our revenue was generated from our catalog mailings. We were experiencing a 1% order response to the mailings. We then asked Fruehman to design measurements to improve our method of targeting customers. This, too, was a reengineering of our existing process; and even though it was a radical change, the reward was dramatic. Our customer response tripled to a 3% order rate. Not only did our revenue increase significantly but the change allowed us to use our limited marketing dollars much more effectively.”

—Clark Zoll, Corporate Secretary/Treasurer, Zoll Brothers & Zesco Products Inc.

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“While at my former business in Carmel, Indiana, Peter Fruehman entirely improved our order processing procedures by re-engineering the formulae and techniques through which we entered and serviced orders. Of particular benefit was his development of methods to monitor and modify, on a daily basis, the costs and sales prices applicable to our complete and confusing mix of silver alloys whose individual values varied due to the widely differing silver content. It was essential to us that the sales price, which was based on the silver market in effect at the time shipment was made, be accurately and automatically calculated upon invoicing. The time saved and convenience attributable to Mr. Fruehman's ingenious ideas resulted in savings far in excess of the costs incurred.

“In addition, Mr. Fruehman's ability to quickly grasp the technicalities involved provided precious little interruption of our day to day operations while he was acquiring the needed knowledge. His empathy and cooperative attitude made him a pleasure for all of us to deal with, and he made many enduring friendships as a result of his participation.”

—Thomas M. Kirby, former CEO, Alloy Ring Service

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“Throughout the years we had come to rely on the guidance and expertise of Peter Fruehman and the Ranac team. It began with our incentive payroll accounting and our cloth cutting operations. Both of these processes were complex and very specific to our business practice. Automating these required detailed analysis and creative solutions. After implementation, the improvements quickly resulted in a large savings and vastly improved efficiency. Our accounting department was reduced by 3 FTEs and the performance measurements instituted resulted in less raw material ending up on the factory floor as scrap – a major cost reduction.

“Mr. Fruehman and his team were constantly involved in our IT planning and process improvement efforts. A production forecasting method they designed helped us predict and manage our inventory requirements. That type of benefit goes straight to the bottom line. In addition, our previous inventory stocking method often resulted in us over-purchasing and, being in the apparel business, the excess inventory becoming obsolete at the end of the season.

“We have always felt that Mr. Fruehman put our best interest first. The best example of this is when we found an industry-specific software package that had many new features beneficial to our business. In spite of knowing that this change would end our business relationship, he not only encouraged us to purchase the new system but stood with us and assisted throughout the conversion.

“We have enjoyed our relation with Mr. Fruehman and would highly recommend him to others.”

—Eugene Bate, President, Indiana Knitwear Corporation

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“Everyone here at Franklin Plastic Products wishes to extend our gratitude to all of you at Ranac for your fine continued support and expertise throughout the last fifteen years. We have all grown since that Sunday afternoon I met with a guy named Pete who came riding into Franklin on a motorcycle. The adventure has been one unmatched by little else.

“You have been involved with many of our strategic advances and are a major reason for our company’s growth and success. Projects such as implementing a process measurement system that helped us stabilize and control our injection molding process costs, and identifying and improving the information flow to accounting have saved us thousands of dollars.

“It is always sad to conclude a long term relationship but in this case sadness isn’t in the vocabulary. We feel the friendship, mutual concern and respect will continue even though time marched on and we find ourselves using another computer program.

“I know I speak for Harry Clark and Jerry Brown when I simply say thank you.”

—Sharon Hines, Franklin Plastics Products

Programming Line

“This is a letter of recommendation for Peter Fruehman, with whom we had a business relationship from 1988 until his retirement from the company he founded that provided us with our patient accounting system.

“Not only did we experience Peter’s open and professional manner, but we also benefited from his expertise. He worked closely with us on situations that were unique to our practice and developed solutions for our various requirements.

“For example, he provided us with the ability to electronically order diagnostic testing from our twenty separate physician offices so that written orders would be unnecessary and testing personnel would not be responsible for matching various tests with the appropriate diagnoses. The value to us was untold savings from the added efficiency and accuracy with which our claims were processed. This capability was revolutionary at that time.

“Additionally, Peter’s firm, RANAC, was the first medical software firm in this state to provide electronically posted remittance files from AdminaStar Federal, the Medicare/Blue Shield intermediary here in Indiana. This capability meant that we no longer manually entered payments and discounts on each line item of service. Rather, the electronic files were downloaded into our system and automatically entered into the patients’ accounts for their various charges, reducing our staff overhead needs by approximately 30%. Again, this was cutting-edge technology at that time and three years before others in the industry added that capability.

“Peter Fruehman was and is easy to work with and always finds a way to phrase technical explanations and solutions in terms that the layperson can understand. He is extremely bright and his skills in process improvement and re-engineering are among the best I have encountered in twenty years in this business. I would seek out his expertise again with no hesitation if the circumstances arose.”

—Sue Larrabee, Billing Manager, Brooklyn Medical Associates